Oct 31, 2014

Why do bites itch… and how to stop them!

Being bitten by insects, at the best of times, is incredibly annoying. Have you ever wondered why it is that one tiny little bite can cause such a burning desire to scratch until you can scratch no more? Only female mosquitoes bite and when a female mosquito ‘bites’ you, she is actually not biting you … Continue reading "Why do bites itch… and how to stop them!"
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Dec 19, 2011

How do you take your water?

Travelling abroad can be a brilliant experience and yet, we’ve all heard the stories; diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and possibly even hospitalization with dehydration!  And why?…….drinking  water!!! One of the most fundamental requirements of the human body is to drink water.  But is it safe?  Drinking water abroad in most 3rd world countries and even … Continue reading "How do you take your water?"
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