Jun 16, 2016


We’ve had enough off all this scaremongering in the media! Yes, its important to know the facts… but even these can be misleading sometimes. A lot of the information hot-footing it around our world feeds off an impatient mass of readers and writers eagerly awaiting the next big headline. There is no doubt it is … Continue reading "Caremongering"
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Oct 09, 2015

Lyme Disease…What you need to know!

Us Brits tend to think of our little green island as pretty tame when it comes to hosting deadly insects, animals, and diseases, and in most cases, we’re absolutely right! Other than the odd zoo-escapee, we’re lucky enough to not have any scorpions hiding in cracks, great white sharks in our seas, or charging rhinos … Continue reading "Lyme Disease…What you need to know!"
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Dec 04, 2014

A few things to know about Chikungunya

A few things every traveller needs to know about Chikungunya… Since the beginning of October, Chikungunya is the mosquito borne illness on everyone’s lips. As it has now taken hold in the Caribbean, it seems only appropriate that we should shed some light on this disease. As of October 2014, over 776 000 suspected cases … Continue reading "A few things to know about Chikungunya"
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