Intrepid Traveller Combo

This pack contains:
3 x incognito insect repellent spray 
1 x luxury citronella soap 
1 x incense sticks 
1 x room refresher 
1 x hair and body wash 
1 x organic java citronella oil 

This combo will last one person approximately 5 weeks in a tropical destination! 

Brand: Incognito


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We've combined three bottles of the essential incognito insect repellent with carefully selected products we know any adventurous traveller will need! Our wash products contain anti-bacterial properties so will not only help to keep you bite free but also dirt and fungus free! Use everyday to give you a base-layer of protection underneath your insect repellent. Our room-refresher targets indoor areas (lasts up to 3 weeks continuous use) and our incense sticks burn for up to 2 hours, perfect if you're outdoors. Our small but mighty java citronella oil is a multi-purpose essential oil with repellent properties, it can be used in an oil burner, added to clothes/bedding washes, or combined with fragrance free toiletries to create DIY insect repellents.