Impregnated Pop Up Net

  • Impregnated Pop Up Net

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The pop-up dome is impregnated. It is a single person net where the head-end of the net automatically springs up into a dome shape (a bit like the dome tents you can buy) and it is ideal for covering a sleeping bag or on a single bed

  • Mosquito nets only provide extra protection against mosquitoes, malaria mosquitoes and other insects when they are closed on all sides.
  • The mesh is very fine on the pop-ups, so it can become muggy under the net in a damp tropical or subtropical climate and so is not suitable for those areas unless you know it is likely to be cool at night. Europe & Africa at most times of the year are ideal.
  • Due to its fine mesh the pop-up net also provides exceptional protection against midges.

  • Long lasting impregnated nets remain effective for 5 times longer than standard impregated nets. Furthermore LLI nets can be washed without losing their effectiveness. The impregnation is effective for up to two and a half years when used daily or 3 years if used less frequently
  • The nets can be washed up to 20 times and still remain functional.
  • The World Health Organisation recommends Long Lasting Impregnated Mosquito Nets for high-risk malaria areas such as tropical Africa, Amazonian South America and parts of South-east Asia.
  • All LLI mosquito nets we stock meet the World Health Organisations standards.