Our Sponsors

Dr Steve Fabes has cycled across 6 continents, including Africa & the Americas:

"Cyclists are a vulnerable bunch when it comes to mosquito bites and the diseases they carry … I went on the hunt for a strong repellent that I could use frequently without worrying about nasty side effects or damaging my skin … Whilst riding through the malarial zones in sub-Saharan Africa it [incognito®] has been incredibly effective, it also happens to smell great and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try."

It really is an inspiring story and his photos thus far are incredible. You can help support him on his journey at www.cyclingthe6.com or keep track of his progress by following his blog at http://www.cyclingthe6.com/p/all-posts.html

We are also currently support a number of charities whose aims and objectives, especially regarding the use of natural products and environmental awareness match our own.

If you would like to talk to us about sponsoring your project please get in touch at info@lessmosquito.com