Plug Ins
Mar 21, 2019

Plug Ins

Are insect repellent plug-ins safe? After an eleven hour journey by road and train, I arrived at Bethsaida Hermitage. It...
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Visit From The Mayor of London
Mar 12, 2019

Visit From The Mayor of London

A Visit From The Mayor of London The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, came to visit us last week in...
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5 Great Green Resolutions for 2019
Jan 15, 2019

5 Great Green Resolutions for 2019

5 Great Green Resolutions for 2019 Is one of your new year’s resolutions to be more environmentally friendly? If yes,...
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The ethical gift-guide that’s got you covered this Christmas
Nov 28, 2018

The ethical gift-guide that’s got you covered this Christmas

Though presents are certainly not the most important part of Christmas, they do play a role in many of today’s celebrations! This year we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a collection of gifts that we feel will be sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one!
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From London to Athens... Take what you need and share the love!
Nov 15, 2018

From London to Athens... Take what you need and share the love!

This year, I took some time out from working at the incognito offices to spend seven months volunteering with refugees...
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From Author to Alchemist: How incognito® was born
Sep 03, 2018

From Author to Alchemist: How incognito® was born

Have you ever wondered why incognito® was started or how we came to have an award winning, 100% effective insect...
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Could a Loofah Save your Life?
Aug 22, 2018

Could a Loofah Save your Life?

The humble loofah. Could bring back nostalgic memories of childhood bath times. Might remind you of shopping for White Musk and strawberry lip balm at The Body Shop.

But did you know they’re part of a process that could save your life if you’re heading to a tropical climate?

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Here Comes The Sun!
May 16, 2018

Here Comes The Sun!

What is Sun Awareness Week?   Sun Awareness Week (14 - 20th May 2018) is overseen by the British Association...
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World Malaria Day 2018: Are you with us?
Apr 25, 2018

World Malaria Day 2018: Are you with us?

  "The political activity in the build-up to World Malaria Day on April 25 has belied a recent drop in...
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Dec 28, 2017

Everything You Need To Avoid Mosquitoes in Top Winter Destinations

When defrosting the car or checking the snow forecast before work, grabbing a coffee and slipping on ice – don’t you start dreaming of sipping a cocktail on a beach, instead? You do? You’re not alone. This winter, 22.3 million Brits plan to leave the UK, blaming the cold weather and early darkness! (1)  My Weekly … Continue reading "Everything You Need To Avoid Mosquitoes in Top Winter Destinations"
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Dec 20, 2017

Are mosquitoes beating us in the fight against malaria?

A new report has been released by the WHO to provide an update on the global malaria crisis and success of efforts to eradicate the disease. Sadly, though as predicted – the report’s findings show that progress has slowed drastically in the last two years. So much so that malaria cases increased by 5 million … Continue reading "Are mosquitoes beating us in the fight against malaria?"
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Dec 04, 2017

Around the world with incognito: The Mongol Rally

We don’t usually post reviews on our blog, but we also don’t usually hear from daredevils like India and Ester who had decided to sign up for the infamous “Mongol Rally” – a 10,000 mile journey through mountains, deserts, and steppe of Europe and Asia in what is best described as ‘an old banger’ with no rules, … Continue reading "Around the world with incognito: The Mongol Rally"
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Oct 16, 2017

Travel, enjoy, respect – partnering with the Travel Foundation charity

Sailing the spectacular Turkish coastline, sunbathing on one of Jamaica’s tropical beaches, diving the depths of submerged caves in the Yucatan Peninsula – the opportunities to explore this planet are diverse and truly incredible. But let’s not forget that these treasured and pristine natural places, tend to be some of the most fragile and sensitive … Continue reading "Travel, enjoy, respect – partnering with the Travel Foundation charity"
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Aug 23, 2017

Tick Tock goes the Lyme Disease Clock… It’s time to know the facts

You might consider a tick bite more a mild annoyance than anything life changing, however with 17% of ticks in the UK now thought to be carrying Lyme Disease, we’ve written this blog to help you brush up on the facts, on what to look for and how to avoid catching it! Ticks infected with … Continue reading "Tick Tock goes the Lyme Disease Clock… It’s time to know the facts"
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Jun 16, 2017

Plastic made from sugarcane? How we’re reducing our environmental footprint

Did you know millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year? The situation has got so bad that unless something changes we are on course to have more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050! This would mean even more damage to marine wildlife and even more chemicals in our … Continue reading "Plastic made from sugarcane? How we’re reducing our environmental footprint"
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Jun 07, 2017

Danger! We are living in a pesticidal world

Pesticides surround us – they are used on everything from our food to our skin. However, how much do you know about the possible dangers they carry for our bodies and our ecosystems? Pesticides are defined as anything that kills an organism. Widespread usage of these chemicals in farming has heavily disrupted ecosystems, especially as … Continue reading "Danger! We are living in a pesticidal world"
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Apr 27, 2017


  We are now enjoying the beauty of Spring and, with summer just around the corner, some welcome warmer weather that has brought a kaleidoscope of colour as plants and trees flower and blossom. Yellow daffodils, brilliant bluebells and vibrant lilac crocuses are in full bloom bringing with them (we hope) blue skies and perhaps … Continue reading "Summertime!"
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Feb 02, 2017

Can you stop the scratch with a patch? Mosquito patches revisited.

The word ‘patch’ has a plethora of meanings. For example, a man with a bald patch and neatly patched jeans could be caring for his vegetable patch whilst going through a bad patch! Though here at incognito we are only concerned about insect repellent patches. There are essentially 2 types: spatial or ambient (the same … Continue reading "Can you stop the scratch with a patch? Mosquito patches revisited."
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Nov 22, 2016

Where do insects like bees go in the winter?!

In the words of Eddard Stark “Winter is coming” … Or in reality, winter has already come! That reality is clear as following a hard days work we trudge home in the near darkness with winter coats hanging off our shoulders, Christmas music filling our ears from high street speakers and thoughts of mince pies, … Continue reading "Where do insects like bees go in the winter?!"
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Sep 21, 2016

A Month in the Jungle 

Nope – not a jungle in South America, but the so called ‘jungle’ refugee camp in Calais (although incognito Insect Repellent was still a much needed and appreciated item!) I returned two weeks ago from a month volunteering with the brilliant organisation Help Refugees, directly distributing aid to residents of the camp. My time in Calais restored … Continue reading "A Month in the Jungle "
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Sep 15, 2016

The double act: perfumes that act as insect repellent

It’s a late summer evening, you’re sitting outside on the veranda enjoying a meal with your friends. They’re commenting on how much they love your new sweet smelling perfume, and you can’t deny it, you’re pretty pleased with your latest purchase. You’ve caused a real stir… although hang on, it’s not only your friends attracted … Continue reading "The double act: perfumes that act as insect repellent"
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Aug 23, 2016

The Rise of the Jellyfish

You may be wondering why we’re writing a blog about jellyfish when we usually protect people from avoiding insect and tick bites!? You may also be wondering why we’re even writing a blog about jellyfish in the first place. Well, the answer to both these ponders is because we make a clever device called a … Continue reading "The Rise of the Jellyfish"
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Jul 28, 2016

The Bustle of Bombita – Part 2

Enshrined in the incognito articles of association, is a commitment to donate 10% of profits to Charity. While this is a fundamental part of what we do, and why we do it, we also try to offer support in other ways. Where possible, we have offered knowledge and guidance to individuals or organisations who demonstrate ingenuity, or … Continue reading "The Bustle of Bombita – Part 2"
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Jul 18, 2016

The Bustle of Bombita

Incognito’s commitment to donating 10% of all profits to charity has allowed us to support a rich variety of creative and life-changing projects of all shapes and sizes.

One such project, is a student-led enterprise from the Enactus Edinburgh society. Their project aims to confront the lack of opportunities available to young people in Bombita, a village which sits on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Their solution? An insect-repellent soap which is made and sold locally to simultaneously tackle challenges of hygiene, insect-borne disease, income and education.

In the first of two guest-blog posts written by Laura; one of the student volunteers, we are introduced to the small village of Bombita, its beauty, eccentricities & charm, and also the challenges and hardships which were to inspire Laura to undertake this project with the Enactus Edinburgh team.

IMG_1434If I were to describe my first experience of Bombita in one one word – departing an over-crowded, dilapidated bus as I said farewell to the middle-age woman with whom I had shared a lap with for the past 6 hours, whilst the audacious orange and red sign marked BOMBITA glared me in the face – it would be foreign. In this particular instant I was beginning to wander if the feat that I had taken on was in fact rather brash. I was seventeen and had newly graduated from secondary school, I had spent the past year and a half fundraising to fly to the Dominican Republic and volunteer as an art teacher and until this point had not once doubted whether or not I was capable of spending 12 months away from my friends and family, never mind learn an entirely new language or control a classroom of 30 finger painting 5 year olds. I could have never anticipated the warmth with which I would be welcomed into the lives of complete strangers and how quickly I would gain a second family in the Dominican Republic.

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Jun 16, 2016


We’ve had enough off all this scaremongering in the media! Yes, its important to know the facts… but even these can be misleading sometimes. A lot of the information hot-footing it around our world feeds off an impatient mass of readers and writers eagerly awaiting the next big headline. There is no doubt it is … Continue reading "Caremongering"
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May 10, 2016

My Costa Rican Adventure – A Guest Blog by Georgia Fox

Hello, I’m Georgia Fox and I’ve just finished a 10 week volunteering programme in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with the charity Raleigh International. During our volunteering time we worked on three different projects involving building a trail through a national park in Costa Rica, building a clean drinking water system in a rural community in … Continue reading "My Costa Rican Adventure – A Guest Blog by Georgia Fox"
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Apr 20, 2016

World Malaria Day 2016

World Malaria Day (WMD) is commemorated on 25 April to recognise global efforts to control malaria.  With all the high profile news about the Zika virus, it’s easy to forget that Malaria is still the single biggest non-violent killer of human beings. In 2015, there were 214 million cases, and 438 000 deaths from Malaria … Continue reading "World Malaria Day 2016"
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Apr 19, 2016


There has been a lot happening with ZIKA since our first update and it’s been back in the news this week.  We are finding out more and more about this disease over time and we now know that although Zika is most commonly spread via mosquito bites, in particular the Aedes species, it can also … Continue reading "ZIKA UPDATE"
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Feb 03, 2016


Zika is all over the news and has been for a few weeks now. It’s not going to go away anytime soon, in fact Zika will increase, almost certainly to spread throughout most of America and Asia. The Zika virus is spread via mosquito bites and is carried by daytime biting mosquitoes: Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito), both these species are in around half the countries in the world. With large populations throughout the Tropics, including Central and South America along with all of the Caribbean. They also carry the diseases dengue (already endemic in Brazil & elsewhere) and Chikungunya.


Howard Carter, Bite Prevention Expert, Founder incognito®
Howard Carter, Bite Prevention Expert, Founder incognito®

To date nearly all transmitted cases have been by the 2 mosquitoes mentioned above and a handful of suspected sexual transmission; though the authorities: scientists; doctors; the CDC; etc. have very little evidence, including the from the recent Dallas couple, are not sure. For example a female mosquito could be present when said couple were having sex!


So is it really possible to protect you and your loved ones from contracting Zika?  Remember!  NO BITES = NO ZIKA (or any other mosquito borne disease)

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Nov 26, 2015

Charitable Giving 2015

Each year, incognito® donates 10% of all profits to charitable causes. Beneficiaries may be individuals on a mission to raise money for a cause close to them, student-led groups passionate about social-change, local charities supporting local communities, or international organisations raising awareness of global issues. We donate 10% because we believe that as a business … Continue reading "Charitable Giving 2015"
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Oct 22, 2015

How Did I Get Here?

In 2013 I travelled to Nicaragua where I lived and worked in a remote village initially accessible only via a two-hour walk up into the mountains. Our ten-week project was the start of a two-year community development programme, bringing the motivation of young people in Nicaragua and the UK together to improve social and environmental … Continue reading "How Did I Get Here?"
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Oct 09, 2015

Lyme Disease…What you need to know!

Us Brits tend to think of our little green island as pretty tame when it comes to hosting deadly insects, animals, and diseases, and in most cases, we’re absolutely right! Other than the odd zoo-escapee, we’re lucky enough to not have any scorpions hiding in cracks, great white sharks in our seas, or charging rhinos … Continue reading "Lyme Disease…What you need to know!"
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Oct 01, 2015

Guest Blog from InsectCop- Mosquito Mouthparts and how they work!

For most, a mosquito bite may seem a very primitive process – a mosquito puts its rigid trunk inside the skin, pumps out blood and flies away. Actually everything is a lot more complex than that. The first thing to note is that only female mosquitoes have special mouthparts to pierce the skin and suck … Continue reading "Guest Blog from InsectCop- Mosquito Mouthparts and how they work!"
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Sep 24, 2015

Phones to diagnose malaria, mosquitoes used as drones..what next!?

Technology advances nowadays seem to be an ever-expanding pool of possibility. Opportunities offered by innovation can be exciting and truly have the ability to reinvent landscapes if they prove successful! In this blog post we have found some of the most innovative solutions currently dealing with mosquitoes, which nearly everyone loves to hate! Avoiding all … Continue reading "Phones to diagnose malaria, mosquitoes used as drones..what next!?"
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Jul 28, 2015

Pamper and Protect! incognito®’s 3 Step Regime to eliminating mosquito bites

Our 3-step incognito® regime will pamper, cleanse and protect your skin from insect bites. We’ll keep you glowing in the sun with these three products designed to work in unity for greater strength and effectiveness in combating all insect bites. Using a variety of methods and products really increases your chance of staying bite free. … Continue reading "Pamper and Protect! incognito®’s 3 Step Regime to eliminating mosquito bites"
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Jul 02, 2015

Lyme disease is only transferable from Ticks

Avril Lavigne’s interview on Lyme disease really touched us this week. We thought it was high time to help you all with some facts about Lyme disease and ticks. There is a higher risk of contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite this summer.  We receive stories from customers from the US & Europe all the … Continue reading "Lyme disease is only transferable from Ticks"
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May 07, 2015

Clean Soap

We had an excellent question from a conscientious customer recently and we wanted to share our knowledge with everyone! He (Robert Weatherhead) asked: ‘I read on the packet of your incognito luxury soap that it had all natural ingredients but then read sodium hydroxide in the ingredients. I am looking for a soap that i … Continue reading "Clean Soap"
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Apr 23, 2015

World Malaria Day: Defeat malaria – with incognito!

World Malaria Day (WMD) is commemorated on 25 April to recognise global efforts to control malaria. Theme 2015: “invest in the future: defeat malaria”: This year coincides with the United Nations Development Programme’s Eight Goals for 2015*. One of these goals is to combat malaria – 64 countries are on track to reverse the incidence of … Continue reading "World Malaria Day: Defeat malaria – with incognito!"
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Apr 21, 2015

incognito wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development

  incognito® has won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development, the highest accolade for business success! This prestigious and fantastic award has taken us 5 years to achieve and we are proud and humbled to win Sustainable Development; recognition of the passion we have for running an environmentally sustainable business, that helps so many … Continue reading "incognito wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development"
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Apr 16, 2015

Good work in the Gambia

Healthcare, education, clean water – we take them for granted each and every day. For some people in the developing world, this is the harsh reality that they face day in, day out. Malaria constitutes the main public health problem in The Gambia, accounting for approximately 25 per cent of deaths in children under five. … Continue reading "Good work in the Gambia"
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Apr 02, 2015

Mosquitoes bring diseases to UK

BBC and Sky News articles recently reported a climate change study that predicts an increase in mosquito-borne diseases in the UK. Photo: Katja Schulz The British climate of rising temperatures, with wetter weather and milder winters, are now suitable for mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus. It is predicted that mosquitoes that carry the Dengue … Continue reading "Mosquitoes bring diseases to UK"
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Mar 04, 2015

Help the planet when you buy incognito at Whole Foods Market

Buy incognito products at Whole Foods Market (WFM) stores and help impoverished people in the poorest countries in the world start their own businesses! When you buy any incognito product in Whole Foods Market until 31 March we are giving all of the profit directly to their Whole Planet Foundation (WPF). In addition we are … Continue reading "Help the planet when you buy incognito at Whole Foods Market"
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Dec 16, 2014

incognito® Charitable Giving 2014

At incognito®, charitable giving and ethical practises are central to our business ethos, whether it is environmental concern for our carbon footprint and sustainable sourcing of products, or injecting our profits into worthwhile causes. A selection of charities we have donated to in 2014 are listed below.    Bethsaida Hermitage One of our longest standing … Continue reading "incognito® Charitable Giving 2014"
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Dec 04, 2014

A few things to know about Chikungunya

A few things every traveller needs to know about Chikungunya… Since the beginning of October, Chikungunya is the mosquito borne illness on everyone’s lips. As it has now taken hold in the Caribbean, it seems only appropriate that we should shed some light on this disease. As of October 2014, over 776 000 suspected cases … Continue reading "A few things to know about Chikungunya"
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Nov 13, 2014

Introducing the Snow Mosquito!

In the UK we have just experienced the warmest Halloween ever to be recorded, and at a delightful 23.6 C in Kent, we sailed past the previous record on of 20C[1]. Whilst it is a luxury to be able to grace the beaches in little more than a t-shirt and cardigan at the end of … Continue reading "Introducing the Snow Mosquito!"
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Oct 31, 2014

Why do bites itch… and how to stop them!

Being bitten by insects, at the best of times, is incredibly annoying. Have you ever wondered why it is that one tiny little bite can cause such a burning desire to scratch until you can scratch no more? Only female mosquitoes bite and when a female mosquito ‘bites’ you, she is actually not biting you … Continue reading "Why do bites itch… and how to stop them!"
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Oct 16, 2014

Wash away those bugs!

Guest Blog by Lily Slydel   Post-shower, floral scented, auburn goodness; my swishing locks are one of my most attractive features. My long, thick hair, after shampoo and conditioning, is just like walking hair product advert. I know I’m worth it – but sadly, it’s not attracting the right kind of attention. So long perfume, … Continue reading "Wash away those bugs!"
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Oct 06, 2014

Getting Away from it All…..

Guest Blog by Lily Slydel       As I left school, in the height of British recession, I noted a dramatic increase in the number of my friends opting to take a gap year instead of immediately pursuing higher education. Entering the world on a quest to discover foreign lands, fantastic foods and most … Continue reading "Getting Away from it All….."
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Aug 29, 2014

incognito® and Sustainability

  Here at incognito® we believe that the implementation of ethical and sustainable business practices is of upmost importance. This is what sustainability means to us: –       A strong and engaged workforce –       A clear, communicative supply chain. –       Efficient and minimal resource use with maximum value added. –       Where possible, use of renewable rather … Continue reading "incognito® and Sustainability"
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Aug 14, 2014

Top Five Reasons People are Bitten by Insects

Mosquitoes are one of the most important groups of insects affecting human’s health and wellbeing – they occupy diverse habitats, breed in our ponds and worst of all can transmit life-threatening diseases. In the best case, they are incredibly irritating. As one in five people are mosquito magnets, I want to look at some of … Continue reading "Top Five Reasons People are Bitten by Insects"
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Jul 24, 2014

DEET Resistance, by bite-protection expert Howard Carter

Many doctors and travel nurses in the UK are still recommending DEET to travellers abroad, most of them completely oblivious to the fact that certain mosquitoes have built up resistance or tolerance to this pesticide repellent in the last few years. Fifteen years ago I went to India for the first time armed with the … Continue reading "DEET Resistance, by bite-protection expert Howard Carter"
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Jul 07, 2014

Is there a correlation between those who get malaria and their trade?

Farmers, explorers, sportsmen (to name a few) are just some of the trades most commonly affected by Malaria and throughout the ages, many great figures have suffered at its ferocious hands. Fausto Coppi, internationally renowned Italian cyclist often referred to as Il Campionissimo (The champion of champions), is just one of the greats lost to … Continue reading "Is there a correlation between those who get malaria and their trade?"
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Jun 24, 2014

Are you being bitten?

Despite the term, ‘mosquito bite’, mosquitoes don’t actually open their ravenous jaws to have a nibble on your ankles; it is the proboscis (the long pointed mouthpart) that pierces the skin with its razor sharp end, to get to the delicious blood supply beneath.  The proboscis has two tubes, one to withdraw the blood and another to deposit saliva. The way in which we react to mozzie bites is dependent on this saliva and the reaction our body has to the proteins it contains.

Reactions to mosquito bites vary enormously; from mild irritation to potentially life threatening, with a contingent of people not reacting at all to them. This is where many people fall fowl of a common misconception; just because you cannot see or feel bites, does not mean you have not been bitten! This is ok in the UK, but as soon as these people leave the sanctuary of British shores they are even more at risk than the normal population, whose bites itch like crazy.

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Jun 05, 2014

Brazil and the Tropics

If you’re going to Brazil this year, or any other tropical destination, then the following information about mosquitoes is essential reading. Mosquitoes will be having a feeding frenzy with all the fresh tourist blood – and you definitely want to avoid being on the menu! For starters, take anything your average GP or practice nurse … Continue reading "Brazil and the Tropics"
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Apr 07, 2014

Guest Blog by Lily Slydel: Fatal Fashion Faux-Pas

With a spritz of fresh lemony zest onto my long auburn locks, I am ready to take on the world. One final application of my favorite this-season scent, a product set to be summer 2k14 absolute must-have, and I am smelling sweet, looking suave and completely safe from mosquitos. I have my Eau de incognito … Continue reading "Guest Blog by Lily Slydel: Fatal Fashion Faux-Pas"
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Dec 18, 2013

Wishing You a Green Christmas!

  Here at incognito, ensuring that we continue to be ethically responsible takes priority over all the work that we do. Whether composting our lunches or sourcing renewable power, we’re always looking for ways to improve! So, to jingle all the way through Christmas and into the New Year with planet friendly festivities, we thought … Continue reading "Wishing You a Green Christmas!"
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Oct 08, 2013

Nicaraguan Adventure – Guest Blog by Lizzy Greagg

  Hello, my name is Lizzy Greagg. June 2013 saw me preparing for an unforgettable adventure to Nicaragua. I would be volunteering for 10 weeks with Raleigh International, as part of the government initiative to encourage young people to be active global citizens, as part of International Citizen Service. I was to live in a … Continue reading "Nicaraguan Adventure – Guest Blog by Lizzy Greagg"
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Aug 30, 2013

Incognito Bites Back With Large Share of Anti-Mozzie Market

incognito, the natural, DEET-free anti-mosquito brand, is currently experiencing stratospheric growth. It has more than doubled its turnover this year, with the release of a quirky new TV advert and further expansion into the Hong Kong health markets… incognito is an ethical brand to be reckoned with. This small, British-based family business, led by successful … Continue reading "Incognito Bites Back With Large Share of Anti-Mozzie Market"
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Aug 23, 2013

ONCE BITTEN… Guest Blog by Lily Slydel

With temperatures as hot as 36 degrees, this summer our prayers have been answered. We have been granted unrelenting, beautiful sunshine for longer than a few passing days and this is set to continue well into September! We have had one of the hottest summers of the last decade and people have delved into a pandemonium of summer activities and excitement.

However, this glorious weather has incited something other than just summer frivolity, it has paved the way for a plethora of insects to reproduce in our midst. This warm and wet weather provides the perfect breeding conditions for those biters we loathe the most: mosquitoes.  Therefore being informed in order to protect ourselves is an ever increasing priority for many people.

Last month on BBC Breakfast, Louise Minchin and Bill Turnball interviewed Dr. James Logan of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. Not only did the interview illuminate the necessity of a trusty mosquito repellent but descended into giggles as Minchin unwittingly released a cage of mosquitoes into the studios.

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Jul 23, 2013

Mission incognito! – New TV Advert

A ‘Mission Impossible’ style girl in combat gear runs through a mosquito infested jungle with close up face shots of her swatting away mosquitoes. She carries a special device that locates somewhere she can find something effective to repel them. She jumps over a fence and approaches a warehouse. There is a security guard in his booth. She … Continue reading "Mission incognito! – New TV Advert"
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Jun 24, 2013

incognito Ethical Policy

incognito was recently runner up for the 2013 People and Environment Achievement Business Award for Community Interest Company, and won the Supply Chain Award in 2012. We have outlined our ethical policy below. Company Overview Incognito manufacturers and supplies a range of eco friendly insect repellent products in an ethical manner.  We expect all suppliers … Continue reading "incognito Ethical Policy"
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Feb 20, 2013

Why Are Insects Biting us More?

  There are several different factors to consider in answering this question. Many people are now receiving bites when in the past they hardly ever did, and one constant reason for this is that their body chemistry has changed. This is nothing new – it has always been the case that peoples’ body chemistry changes, … Continue reading "Why Are Insects Biting us More?"
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Nov 02, 2012

Increased Risk of Malaria

According to a study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, scientists have found new evidence that resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is on the rise. This resistance is especially predominant in South-East Asia, in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam, where the study shows the drugs treating malaria became far … Continue reading "Increased Risk of Malaria"
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Oct 15, 2012

GUEST BLOG – Craig Jones Wildlife Photographer

Hello, my name is Craig Jones and I am a professional wildlife photographer from Staffordshire, England. My passion for wildlife has taken me to many wonderful places around the world, where I’ve witnessed some truly amazing moments. I’m an ex soldier, so my kit and how it performs is important to me as well as … Continue reading "GUEST BLOG – Craig Jones Wildlife Photographer"
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Sep 26, 2012

What’s so special about a Loofah or Luffa?

And how it can help make you less attractive to mosquitoes and other biting or stinging insects….. Exfoliating regularly doesn’t just keep your skin extra healthy; the process removes particles of food (detritus): dead skin cells; skin products, dust and other pollutants from skin pores, that the bacteria living on your skin feed off. These … Continue reading "What’s so special about a Loofah or Luffa?"
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Aug 07, 2012

Become CLOAKED from mosquitoes

With mosquito and other insect numbers on the increase in the UK this year, avoiding insect bites is more important than ever. The following tips are even more important when you are abroad as the number of British citizens contracting malaria has increased by over 33% from 2010 to 2011 and this deadly disease regularly … Continue reading "Become CLOAKED from mosquitoes"
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Jul 22, 2012

Guest Blog by Katie Allen, working with SCAD in India

Can you support Social Change and Development? India is a breathtaking place for many reasons. It is exotic and tantalizing, chaotic and stimulating. Being rich in culture, India takes tourists and unravels them from what they thought was life and introduces them to a very different way of experiencing the world, which some people find … Continue reading "Guest Blog by Katie Allen, working with SCAD in India"
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Jun 19, 2012

Mosquitoes Developing Resistance to Deet

Mosquitoes Developing Resistance to DEET 

New Kairomone ‘Camouflage’ Could be the Answer

For many years, DEET has been used as the main way to help repel mosquitoes, to help prevent deadly diseases such as malaria. But current research is showing that this synthetic compound is becoming under threat from DEET-resistant mosquitoes. However, clinically proven Eucalyptus Maculata Citriodora works even better by cleverly camouflaging our unique body smells and deterring those unwanted pests….

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Apr 13, 2012

First ever scented crystal deodorant

      This wonderful little addition is non-sticky, has no aluminium salts and has a lovely fresh citrusy fragrance that does not attract mosquitoes or any other insect for that matter. You may ask why it has taken us so long to manufacture such a simple new addition and the answer is it is … Continue reading "First ever scented crystal deodorant"
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Apr 02, 2012

Increase in malaria risk for over 65’s.

Pensioners who have visited a malaria-infected country are ten times more likely to die from the disease than younger travellers, a study has revealed this week. An article in the British Medical Journal reported that tourists over the age of 65 who have been exposed to the disease are ten times more likely to die … Continue reading "Increase in malaria risk for over 65’s."
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Mar 22, 2012

Forget Taste, Mosquitoes LOVE how you SMELL!!

SWATTING THE MOSQUITO MYTH – FORGET TASTE, MOSQUITOES LOVE HOW YOU SMELL Our mosquito expert is making it his mission to bust the myth that it’s all about taste when it comes to how attractive a mosquito finds you. Instead, says Howard Carter, people should be more worried about how they smell and a good … Continue reading "Forget Taste, Mosquitoes LOVE how you SMELL!!"
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Mar 09, 2012


There is a perception amongst many people that because a product is natural it is not as effective as it’s chemical cousins.  This is especially prevalent in chemistry and medicine, where,  ironically, some of the greatest advancements in drugs e.g. penicillin and interferon have come directly from natural sources e.g. mould & Foxglove (Digitalis) Indeed, … Continue reading "NATURE KNOWS BEST"
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Feb 22, 2012

Interns for the Summer

Interns wanted for the summer! Great training for anyone looking to gain office and sales experience. Some of the things you will learn: calling up current stockists, stock counts, sales figures, PR activities, in-store demos, helping prepare for show including the Olympics and much much more. Submit your CV to
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Feb 14, 2012

Honeymooners prepare!

Brides and grooms-to-be are being urged to ‘think mosquito’ when planning their honeymoon. Mosquito expert Howard Carter said many couples forget to think about protecting themselves against malaria and other tropical diseases amid the excitement and stress of wedding and honeymoon planning. Research by incognito shows that more than half of people on their honeymoon … Continue reading "Honeymooners prepare!"
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Jan 27, 2012

People & Environment Business Achievement Award 2012

It was with much excitement and delight that Cindy, our Office CoOrdinator, accepted the ‘People & Environment Business Achievement Award 2012’ for the Supply Chain Champion category on behalf of Howard Carter and the incognito team. The PEA Awards ceremony was held last night at the prestigious ‘The Orangery’ at Kensington Palace. Sue Jueno of … Continue reading "People & Environment Business Achievement Award 2012"
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