This wonderful little addition is non-sticky, has no aluminium salts and has a lovely fresh citrusy fragrance that does not attract mosquitoes or any other insect for that matter.

You may ask why it has taken us so long to manufacture such a simple new addition and the answer is it is not at all straightforward. In fact, this is the first time ever any essential oil (or any other non-alum ingredient) has been infused into a crystal deodorant stick. Historically this was not possible because the crystal could not ‘set’ with anything foreign added.

The citronella in the deodorant acts as an anti-bacterial as well as inhibiting bacteria growth. Java citronella also prevents body odour and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.  If an ordinary crystal stick has not worked for you this super strength stick could well do the trick!

incognito citronella deodorant comes in a handy size to slip into the smallest bag, it is ideal for traveling and like the rest of the incognito range, it will significantly reduce  your attractiveness to all insects.

It has been tested on humans not animals and is therefore registered with the Vegan Society. It also carries an Ethical Shopper Award and, like all products that we manufacture, it is fairly traded. It is currently available online and will shortly be in selected shops at a RRP of £4.19

Use with the spray and any of our other products for an unprecedented level of protection this summer or whenever you need us.

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