The incognito® Story

The first bottle of incognito® went on the shelves in the Summer of 2007. Starting with just one line and a team of two, we were passionately committed to helping people avoid insect bites and stings. incognito® insect repellent was born out of the misfortune of its creator Howard Carter, who despite taking both anti-malarial tablets and a DEET based insect repellent, was struck by malaria during his travels through India. Six months later, during a trip to Asia Howard suffered again from insect bites, this time with Dengue fever. The experience motivated Howard to invent a truly effective, natural insect repellent which would protect people from insect bites all over the world, incognito® was born! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a 100% natural insect repellent that is as effective, if not more, than currently available synthetic chemical alternatives. Our products have been clinically proven to protect against Zika and malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Using all-natural ingredients also means our range is great for people with sensitive skin and can be used on children from 6 months.

What we believe in...

Sustainability is fundamentally about protecting the needs of future generations, but we understand that its definitions are diverse and can be quite complex. Incorporating such a broad principle into business can be difficult, so we’ve considered what sustainability really means to incognito® as a business to help us remain ethical, responsible, and sustainable. 

 A strong and engaged workforce 

A clear, communicative supply chain

Efficient and minimal resource use with maximum value added

Where possible, use of renewable rather than finite resources

Encouragement of others with similar ethical and sustainable values

A supportive and honest relationship with our customers