Avoiding Insect Bites.

Different species of mosquito are attracted to varying kairomones so a strategy in one place may not work in another. However, as incognito is effective against many of the 3,500 different species of mosquito you will be protected provided you use it properly. According to tests carried out by one of the world’s leading teaching universities the active ingredient is 100% effective in the short term and is in the “maximum effectiveness” category, the same as 100% Deet or other deadly pesticide. In fact recent studies have shown the efficacy of Deet is dropping due to its over use. Any resistive genetic traits are quickly exhibited as the females mosquito can reproduce every 2 weeks.

Mosquito activity peaks around dusk and dawn and it is advisable to stay indoors at these times if you are in a heavily insect-populated area or if you are getting attacked. If you choose to be outside, wear a long sleeved top and full length trousers, tucking them into socks if the mozzies are intense. Spray protection on ANY exposed skin and spray your clothing as well. 

It is worth noting that mosquitoes can and will bite through fabric, even thick jeans! 

Studies show conclusively that black, blue and green will attract mosquitoes, as do floral patterns, so clothing should ideally be white. Light olive and light brown are also ok. Here is a useful acronym for basic protection: C.L.O.A.K. 

C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing. 
L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours. 
O – Odours, bodily or otherwise like certain kairomones and perfumes are strong attractants. Therefore washing thoroughly which includes exfoliating with a loofah and using incognito® hair & body wash is essential to minimise your attractiveness to biting & stinging insects. 
A – Apply incognito® spray, roll-on or suncream & reapply when necessary. 
K – Keep away from stagnant water. 


 Always sleep under a good quality impregnated mosquito net and prepare it before you go out for the evening. Avoid emitting carbon dioxide, for example, by burning a candle, burn Java citronella oil in an oil burner or citronella incense sticks instead. 

Spray incognito® on and around your door before entering to keep insects out of your dwelling. Mosquitoes often lay in wait on the outside of doors and windows.

Wrap laundry in plastic bags or other airtight container and keep all luggage closed. Stay in screened accommodation or other safe refuges, where possible. 

Avoid all fragrances. Some, such as lavender actually attract insects – just look closely at a lavender bush! Be aware that most toiletries and sunscreens along with most fabric softeners contain scent. Be aware of your odour output. 

Use incognito® soaps to be fully camouflaged. Nearly all ordinary soaps contain insect attractants making it very hard to avoid mosquito bites. 

A lot of mosquitoes zero in on the ears, wrists and ankles because this is where the skin is thinner and blood vessels are nearer the surface, this is one of the reasons why women generally get bitten more than men. Make sure to pay particular attention to these points when applying repellent. 

When walking through the countryside, tuck your trousers into your socks and spray liberally with incognito® anti mosquito all over. If you are going to be at risk from ticks it is a sensible idea to bring your own Tick Remover. It can be very risky removing a tick with tweezers because its innards can be squeezed inside the host. 

In acute malarial areas e.g. Parts of Africa, India, SE Asia, etc. it is really important that you take maximum precautions to avoid mosquito bites. And remember even the best anti-malaria tablets do not guarantee against contracting malaria, only not getting bitten can! 

Although these recommendations mainly reference mosquitoes, the advice broadly applies to all insects along with certain arachnids such as spiders and ticks. 

Exfoliate every 2 or 3 days to remove the impurities within skin pores that skin bacteria feed off emitting a powerful kairomone in the process. Use our luxury loofah soap or any other exfoliator, preferably with our shampoo or lemongrass citronella soap. 

If possible, pick a breezy spot when sitting or standing around. In the tropics this is usually a relief from the heat. Mosquitoes don’t fly well in windy conditions or in air-conditioned rooms. Conversely, when it is hot they can manoeuvre like fighter pilots! 

Mosquitoes are also drawn to water as this is where they breed. Stay away from stagnant water if possible. 

Perspiration is a common kairomone. Reapply protection after swimming and washing. Many people get bitten after washing their hands as they forget to reapply protection, so remember after those bathroom breaks to reapply incognito! Any exposed non-protected skin is an open invitation! 

Larger persons tend to attract more mosquitoes because of the greater surface area of skin they emit more kairomones – every individual skin cell produces CO2, lactic acid, heat, etc. So if you fall into this category you will not only need to be extra vigilant, you will also need to apply more incognito products more frequently in order to fully protect yourself. 

Although some people swear by certain supplements, such as Thiamine which can be in the form of vitamin B1 or B6, patches or tablets, these will not give you 24 hour protection and therefore should not be used exclusively as the probability is that you will get bitten. 

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